24 janvier 2010

Chapter 11

Brilliant Ideas It was an ordinary rainy afternoon in Tokyo. Everything was soaked, and umbrellas... [Lire la suite]
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24 janvier 2010

Benzaï ! (one shot)

Being a fervent fan of the manga, I would fully understand the need of the people who would read that short story to rip my head off. Please be aware while reading it that this one shot is only a private joke I wanted to write down. Benzaï !!!! Following some events which we won’t loose our time and yours by telling you all the details, the Vice-President Masumi Hayami had been abducted by a gang of gangsters. Which was certainly not to please Maya, our dear actress, who always forbade everyone to put his finger on... [Lire la suite]
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19 février 2010

Chapter 12

Into the wild She had a hard time falling asleep that night, worried about that weird feeling that she had when Hijiri hugged her that evening. But when she woke up, she felt like a fresh start. She got up from the right foot, and walked down the stairs with enthusiasm. But then, an old lady and her husband welcomed her with a gorgeous breakfast, which was a great thing, only that Maya was really surprised to see they weren’t Mr and Mrs Tsuda, who took care of her during her last visit. It questioned her somehow. Was anything... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2010

Chapter 13

Träumerei by Schumann                       When she woke up, it was around eleven in the morning, but she didn’t open her eyes right away. She could hear the bird chirping, the wind caressing her face and the sun heating her cheeks. It was a marvellous feeling, and she wanted it to last a little longer before she would open her eyes and start seeking for food in the wild, thick forest. It took her a moment before she realized that she was laid down... [Lire la suite]
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02 avril 2010

Chapter 14

Mademoiselle The least one could say was that now, things wouldn’t be the same. Between Maya and Hijiri, a line had just been crossed: the confession line. Before, he could try to fool himself, she could try to close her eyes, and just remain friends without trying to become more. They could have been tensed and suspicious, nervous while trying to cover their feelings, too scared to be found out by one another. Not anymore. He admitted out loud, in front of her, that he was in love with her, and there was no coming... [Lire la suite]
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11 avril 2010

Chapter 15

Isadora Two days had passed since Maya ran away from Takumi’s apartment, and now Maya knew exactly what to do. She was determined, in control. It was now or never. The deadline was nearer than even, and she was ready. Completely, definitely ready, free of any kind of doubt in her mind. Though that two days ago, she was not even close of being calm and confident.  Scared, Maya was running as fast as her legs could in the crowded street. She was breathing too fast and to deeply, yet she couldn’t feel... [Lire la suite]
14 avril 2010

Chapitre 01

Un : Huit heures précises, évidemment. Sur le chemin du retour, Masumi réprima un soupir. Une fois de plus, il n’avait pas eu la force de dire la vérité à Maya. Mais peut-être est-ce mieux ainsi. Elle le haïssait. Il s’était laissé tromper par les apparences, ce qui était une première pour lui. Il s’était imaginé qu’ils commençaient à mieux s’entendre tous les deux, avec le temps. Il avait cru que s’il réussissait à attendre jusqu’à ce qu’elle soit adulte, alors peut-être que… Mais il avait eu tord. Elle ne le... [Lire la suite]
17 mai 2010

Chapitre 02

Deux : Vous comptez encore lui bander les yeux peut-être ? Deux jours plus tôt. Il était minuit passé dans l’énorme salon du manoir Hayami, pourtant Masumi était encore debout, et contemplait les flammes qui léchaient le mur du foyer et noircissaient ses pierres. Peut-être allait-il acheter une nouvelle cheminée, une en verre, plus moderne… Il avait appelé Hijiri dès son arrivée chez lui et lui avait demandé de venir aussi vite que possible. Hijiri avait accepté. Depuis,... [Lire la suite]
24 mai 2010

Chapitre 03

Trois : Chaque petit détail comptait En entrant dans le restaurant, il réalisa qu’il avait encore le choix. Il pouvait tout aussi bien s’asseoir en face de la jeune fille et lui dire que M. Rose Pourpre ne viendrait pas. Et après il pouvait lui dire que le véritable M. Rose Pourpre n’était autre que Masumi Hayami. Il commença à imaginer son visage, réagissant à cette révélation. C’est là qu’il réalisa qu’il ne savait même pas laquelle de ces deux nouvelles lui briserait le plus le cœur. En cet instant... [Lire la suite]
01 juin 2010

Chapter 16

Bewilderment Even at this late hour, the Tokyo’s mid-town streets were crowded. Barely out of the Shibuya Theatre’s main building, which belonged to the ISDC chain (International Stage of Daito Corporation), was Maya alone walking in the crown that was hurrying up in the large Shibuya’s streets. From the 109 Tour was a great clamour rising, due to the hundreds of girls that, while squeezing themselves against the doors, were waiting for the latest fashion items to be put on the shelves at midnight. In other... [Lire la suite]
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